6-8 FEB, 2019



SMART CITY AFRICA is a business matchmaking, knowledge-transfer and funding program dedicated to the advancement of Africa’s smart city strategy. With a young and growing population, a rising middle class, rapidly expanding urban centers and the fastest mobile subscriber and smart phone adoption in the world, Africa is well positioned to develop smart cities that can boost employment, economic momentum and innovation.

SMART CITY AFRICA connects technology and solution providers with city leaders, entrepreneurs, mobile operators and financiers driving the urbanization of Africa in a move to improve people’s lives and the sustainability of the resources required. The overall SMART CITY AFRICA program strikes a great balance between rich informative sessions, pre-planned business meetings, and high-level networking. It also serves as a powerful platform to explore opportunities, establish solid relations and deploy any sort of promotional campaign. As a project accelerator, SMART CITY AFRICA also helps local initiatives encouraging civic engagement find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality.

SMART CITY AFRICA will launch in Côte D’Ivoire with the ambition to quickly roll out its program across Africa – one country at a time.